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8 Things to Do Before 8 AM

There’s something so sweet about waking up before the rest of the world (or at least it feels like it, because it’s so quiet outside). Before I knew it, I became a morning person and my morning ritual is honestly sacred! It’s the best part of my day! Maybe my morning isn’t how you want your morning to be, but I encourage you to make it yours — add activities and rituals you enjoy in there!

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instant pot DIY gifts, homemade christmas gifts, christmas treats, brownie fudge, candied pecans, pumpkin apple butter // grace white a southern drawl

It’s my favorite time of year! There’s something so meaningful about giving out homemade goodies during the holidays, like these 3 Instant Pot DIY gifts.

tula probiotic skincare, tula skincare, beauty regimen, skincare routine, black friday skincare // grace white a southern drawl

Whether you’re shopping for someone else or yourself, these holiday skincare essentials are at the top of my list! Y’all know my love for Tula. It’s something I’m so passionate about, because it really has transformed my skin. 

graphic sweatshirt, anine bing sweatshirt, men's style, men's fashion, couple's style // grace white a southern drawl

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Anine Bing items.  This graphic sweatshirt has treated me well over the last year and I 100% think it’s worth the splurge! It’s comfy, yet has a nice structure to it.

walmart outfits, holiday outfits, plaid cape, burberry dupe, leopard top, holiday outfit // grace white a southern drawl

I am all about some chic holiday outfits! I love finding classic items that I can wear multiple times throughout the holiday season.

3 fall lattes to try right now, fall latte, fall drinks, fall coffee, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin spice coffee // grace white a southern drawl

I’m not above a pumpkin spice latte. There’s something about the nutmeg and the deliciousness of it that just screams fall! I decided to start making some fun fall lattes at home.  Don’t worry, I’m no barista, so these are fairly simple and straightforward!

book review, fall book review, fall inspired books, best books for fall // grace white a southern drawl

So excited for this Book Review: Round 5 because it’s our Fall Edition! If you’re wanting to get into this spooky & magical season, then check out these books to set the mood!

relaxing fall activities, fall schedule, fall plans, fair isle sweater, fall outfit, shopbop the fall event, shopbop sale // grace white a southern drawl

My favorite time of year means my favorite relaxing fall activities! These really ‘zen’ me and help me soak up all of the beautiful weather we’ve been having!

amazon knit sweater, amazon finds, amazon outfit, amazon fashion, amazon style, ivory turtleneck, white turtleneck sweater // a southern drawl grace white

Today is the day! It’s Amazon Prime Day, and I’m so excited to round up some of my sale faves for y’all. Make sure to follow along on IG stories as well — I’ll be sharing a few try-on hauls of sale outfits.

walmart fashion, sherpa fleece pullover, sherpa sweatshirt, ribbed turtleneck, sherpa sweater, fall style, fall outfit, fall booties // grace white a southern drawl

Oh yes! Busting out the sherpa fleece pullover is honestly a great fall milestone! It’s the moment where you’re like “wow, fall is here. okay, let’s do this.”

healthy apple cider donuts, gluten free apple cider donuts, healthy fall treats, healthy fall desserts // grace white a southern drawl

Happy Fall! I had just picked up some apple cider from the grocery, so I decided to whip up these healthy apple cider donuts that are light, fluffy, and delicious. 

book review round 4, book reviews, what books to read, quarantine books to read, books to read, liane moriarty, crazy rich asians // grace white a southern drawl

Can you believe that we are already on Round 4 of the Book Review Series? What can I say? I’ve done a lot of reading lately!

nordstrom men's, jordan white louisville, nordstrom outfit, nordstrom couple's, patagonia men's outfit, patagonia style, things to do on a crisp fall morning, fall morning routine // grace white a southern drawl

Since fall is our favorite season, I thought it would be fun to chat about all of the things we do in the morning to really take advantage of this crisp, cool, & beautiful weather! The mornings are my favorite time of day, especially during the fall.  There’s something about a hot coffee with some pumpkin spice creamer and a bite in the air to get my spirits up.


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The All-Time Favorite Posts

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10/27/18 Mr. & Mrs. White

There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t feel so blessed to be Jordan’s wife. He is my everything. These photos and video are the sweetest reminder of our love for one another. So, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a seat, and try not to bawl your eyes out (because I know we did). Every time we look through our photos and watch our video, we cry the happiest tears. 

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The Proposal

It’s crazy what can happen in a year. I met the love of my life and the rest is history. I was having a hard time ending this post, because frankly, I think I could talk about that evening forever. Then I realized that this post doesn’t have an ending, but instead, a beginning. Thank you so much for all of the love, excitement, and gratitude.

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Dark Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is bake my dark chocolate chip pumpkin bread! I’ve made it *so* many times for me, J, and friends & family. It’s moist, decadent, and super easy to make! It also makes for a great DIY housewarming gift.

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