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We Are Pregnant!

Well, we have some news!

We’re pregnant!!

We are over the moon excited for our BABY BOY to arrive April 2022.  We have been in a state of pure bliss since finding out! I’m answering some common questions I’ve been getting about being pregnant with Baby White below.  We are so grateful for every single one of your sweet comments, messages, prayers, and love! They mean the world to us! We are so excited to meet this little guy and can’t wait to take on parenthood!

grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement


Were you all trying for a baby?

We were trying for a baby, which was so exciting.  It was such a special time for us, since we were both ready to take on this next chapter. It took us a couple months to conceive — I understand how lucky we are and don’t take that for granted. I’m praying for everyone who is in the process of trying to conceive, as well as anyone struggling with infertility.

Did you take ovulation tests?

I took ovulation tests to just confirm, but I had a pretty good idea of when I was ovulating.  I had been using the Daysy as natural family planning since I got off birth control a few years ago (due to my blood clot from birth control).  Additionally, I also used an Ava Bracelet as backup (because I’m crazy like that).  So the digital ovulation tests confirmed what I already knew!

What’s your biggest pregnancy craving?

McDonald’s fries.  I’m usually a sweets gal when I’m not pregnant, but ever since being pregnant, I only want SALT!

grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement

Will you be doing a home birth or hospital?


Were you nervous to tell people?

I was very nervous! Sometimes it’s assumed that if you tell people you’re pregnant, then you know everything will be okay, when that’s not always the case.  However, I did tell our family pretty early, because I wanted a good support system around us. When I feel a lot of anxiety about the “unknown”, I find a lot of peace by placing my trust in God.

Pregnancy symptoms you’ve experienced thus far?

Fatigue: no one ever talks about the fatigue!! I feel completely depleted all the time.  I once had to stop in the middle of a grocery store aisle because I didn’t think I could finish the shopping trip haha.

Nausea: I’ve had nausea but luckily, never vomited.  Being pregnant kind of feels like a hangover, except you don’t wake up the next morning and feel better.  Although the nausea was irritating, I feel blessed that I was able to still work out etc., because I’ve had many friends who have spent most of their first trimester days hugging the toilet.

Cramping: this was one thing no one ever told me about! The early cramping during weeks 5-8 was so painful!

Cotton mouth: no matter how much water or dripdrop I drink, I can’t seem to get rid of the middle of the night cotton mouth.  Told you it was like a hangover!

grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement

When did your symptoms get the worst?

10-12 weeks were the worst for me!

What prenatal vitamins are you taking?

I’m taking Ritual prenatal vitamins.  They’re amazing — highly recommend! My code is GRACE for 10% off.

Are you still working out?

I’m still completing The Daily Burns! I don’t have to modify too much since my belly isn’t big yet, but will be sharing pregnancy modifications on FITwithASD.com when the time comes!

grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement

Do you take a baby aspirin along with your prenatal?

I took a baby aspirin when trying to conceive, per my doctor’s recommendation due to a previous blood clot caused by birth control (specifically, the estrogen in birth control).  Once we got pregnant and was able to get in with the hematologist, he put me on a daily injection of Lovenox (blood thinners).  Unfortunately, oral blood thinners cannot be taken when pregnant due to some research showing that they harm the fetus.

Did you have any symptoms before your positive pregnancy test?

The symptoms are so similar to PMS that it’s hard to distinguish between the two. I took the First Response Early Results pregnancy test a day before my missed period, so you wouldn’t experience many symptoms until you miss your period.  The two week wait is the hardest!

What will be your first post-delivery meal?

Sushi or a deli sandwich! I miss raw tuna + deli meat so much!

How many kids do you all want?

We hope to be blessed with 3-4, but honestly just taking it one at a time haha.  I guess it depends on how this pregnancy goes!

grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement

Did you get injectables while pregnant?

I did not and don’t plan on doing so.  There’s not any research on injectables for pregnant women, so it’s better to lean on the side of caution.  I did have dysport and lip fillers done before trying to conceive, but quit once we started trying.  So many friends told me that your face fills out during pregnancy, so you really don’t miss it much!

How & when did you find out the gender?

J & I found out the gender *accidentally* when we opened up the genetic test results online.  We just wanted to make sure the baby was healthy, but accidentally saw the gender! It ended up being a super cute moment between us.  Some moments aren’t supposed to be photographed or filmed.  We surprised our family with a confetti popper though!

Did you know it was going to be a boy?

Everyone thought it was going to be a girl, including J! I had a couple of dreams that it was a boy, but no one would believe me!!

grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement

Did you get the COVID vaccine?

I got the COVID vaccine before getting pregnant, and completed my booster & flu vaccine at 15 weeks pregnant.  More and more pregnant people are getting hospitalized for COVID, so it was a priority for me.

Why did you all decide that it’s the right time for a baby?

Jordan and I are very type A and we love to plan.  We had many professional and personal goals that we wanted to reach before having a baby, and we were both accomplishing and/or getting close to some of the goals we had in place.  If you’re planners like us, you’ll never feel fully prepared for a baby.  There’s always something you want to accomplish beforehand, but when you’re married to your best friend, you’re like “we can do anything!”.  We’ve always wanted a family together and it just felt like the right time.

Do you have a name picked out?

We have a name picked out, but are keeping it private for the time being.  We might end up sharing it though.  It’s a classic name with a modern spelling, and the middle name will be a family name in honor of J’s grandparents.

grace white pregnancy, jordan white pregnancy, a southern drawl pregnancy announcement

Photography by Erin Trimble

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  2. Tammy says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy. I always wanted to have a baby but I didn’t meet the right man till it was too late for me. My boyfriend would have been a great dad. Our children now are fur babies. Some of my prior boyfriends were druggies and self conceded morons. He still wants a child. My younger friend might be a match for baby making. That might be my best route.

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