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The Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Well, it’s no surprise that J and I had an absolutely amazing time in Mexico during our stay at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya all-inclusive resort! I can’t even explain or put into words how wonderful this resort is.  It truly felt like another honeymoon {and I ain’t mad about it}! Since I know many of you will ask this, Grand Velas Riviera Maya is a luxury all-inclusive resort! You can read more about what makes this property “beyond” all-inclusive over here!

Not only were our rides already scheduled & ready to and from the airport {which took all stress out of that situation}, but we were greeted with some fresh bubbly champagne as we were checking in.  The staff was so excited for us and they quickly got us acquainted with the property.

Can y’all believe that this was the view from our room? We woke up every morning and had coffee out on our balcony and listened to the waves crash.  Life *surely* does not get any better than that.

Ah, yes.  The hat saga.  We were gifted the cutest beach hats in this bag upon arrival! If you were following along on Instagram Stories, then you know J refused to pack his hat in the suitcase.  He didn’t want to leave it without supervision haha, so he wore it…the whole way home.

*I spy bubbles.*

The coziest robes ever! We were lucky enough to spend a day at their awarded spa. It was named one of Forbes’ 30 Most Luxurious Spas in the World, and trust me, it lives up to it! They have a 45 minute Spa Water Journey to enhance any spa treatment, using hydrotherapy.  We went from a steam room to an ice room, from a sauna to a clay room, and much more! It was such an exciting experience leading up to our ritual massage.  It really was such a magical experience and I left feeling like a brand new gal.  J kept saying that “he found Jesus in the spa” LOL, but so true.

We took many naps out here!!

Grand Velas Riviera Maya has 3 different experiences! Grand Class, Ambassador, and Zen Grand.  They *technically* are three different campuses, all with different vibes.  We stayed in the Grand Class, which is adults only {highly recommend}.  This is the pool you see in the photos below, which is muuuch smaller than the Ambassador pool area {which includes children}.  I loved staying in the Grand Class and hanging by their adults-only pool.  J and I rarely get to “get away”, so it was nice being in a very calm adults-only area!

We did venture over to Zen Grand quite a bit, since that’s where the spa is.  There is a complimentary shuttle, and it only takes a minute to get there. In the morning, J and I could be found running between the two campuses {it’s around 1 mile}. The Zen pool is much more chill and calm, but it doesn’t have an ocean view.  It’s nestled in what seems like a beautiful forest.  Each “campus” had a fitness center, but by far the largest fitness center was the one at Zen! A full FITwithASD Daily Burn could be accomplished, without any modifications! Grand Velas even offers group fitness classes or personal training appointments too.

grand velas riviera maya, cancun resorts, mexico resorts, all inclusive resorts

Their swim-up bar got me addicted to mango margaritas with a tajin rim! The bartenders and waiters are always so attentive — whether it’s another drink, lunch, getting in touch with the gals from the spa to get poolside massages, you name it! By the end of the week, I felt as though we were close friends and I was so sad the trip was going to have to end!

Their food is outrageous y’all. 8 restaurants for dinner to choose from, multiple bars, and tons of places to grab breakfast and lunch!

Just a heads up: they have a dinner dress code for men — pants, closed toe shoes, and a collared shirt! Honestly, we weren’t too fond of this, since J only packed chino shorts {it was 90 degrees}, and it’s weird that a man can walk in with sweatpants but someone with chino shorts wouldn’t be served.  That was the only negative out of everything that I’ve found! If your man forgets to pack pants, no worries, they have a few boutiques on property to snag a pair of pants and some other goodies!

Our pool on our balcony was such a little treasure.  It was nice to relax in privacy!

grand velas riviera maya, cancun resorts, mexico resorts, all inclusive resorts

Isn’t this view the best?! Does. Not. Get. Old.

grand velas riviera maya, cancun resorts, mexico resorts, all inclusive resorts

Can’t forget beachside! Whether your a pool person or a beach person, the view is something that can’t be beat.  If you’re in the pool, you feel like you’re in the ocean because of the view and proximity.  However, the lounges and cabanas on the beach are just a few steps away from the pool so you can go back and forth as you wish! The waiters still come to snag your orders on the beach, which is so nice.

grand velas riviera maya, cancun resorts, mexico resorts, all inclusive resorts

Did I mention their 24/7 room service?! Wow, this came in handy so many times! Sometimes I got hungry between lunch and dinner {our dinner reservations were always at 8:00 PM and I would need a little snack}.  The fridge and snack bar are stocked with allll the goodies and replenished daily.  My fave room service meal would have to be their breakfast.  We did that most mornings and it was soooo yummy.  BUT I will say — they offer a fabulous buffet at Azul every morning and it truly is one of the best breakfast buffets that I have ever seen.  It’s just quite the challenge to get me to leave the bed for breakfast, so why not have it come to me?

grand velas riviera maya, cancun resorts, mexico resorts, all inclusive resorts

This view is something else, right? I can see our balcony behind me! If I close my eyes, I can smell the ocean.

This trip was by far one of the best trips we have ever taken! So much so, that I know we will be back. We’ve had a few friends that have visited this resort before and they spoke so highly of it — now I see why. There are even two other Grand Velas located in Los Cabos and Riviera Nayarit {Vallarta}, which are supposedly just as amazing.

J and I were at dinner at Sen Lin on our last night {we loved this place so much that we went twice!}, and we were a bit sad that we were heading home the next day, back to reality.  We were recapping our trip to one another…and we ended our recap with how not only are we going to come back again for another getaway, BUT we can’t wait to bring our children here.  They will absolutely LOVE it.

We met a family from Texas that were visiting with their children.  They told me and J that this was their TENTH YEAR coming! They visit every year in May! It really stuck with me, and I thought the tradition was such a sweet and memorable one.  After hearing that, J and I decided to make it a tradition of our own, as well.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya, you were too good to us.  We will see you soon!

A big thank you to Grand Velas Riviera Maya for some complimentary experiences.  As always, all opinions are my own.

  1. Liz Pacini says:

    Looks like a dream!! This place is on my bucket list 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    What a gorgeous spot, this looks like somewhere I would love to stay!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. Julie says:

    Wow! So pretty!
    I love reading your blog and because you are a Kentuckian I would love to be able to talk to you about how to start a blog! I live in Louisville and want to start a blog for Grandmothers. My fist granddaughter is a year old and I don’t ever see any blogs for us older people! If you have time I’d love to pick your brain! My email address juliecarol78@icloud.com or Julie.mcmillan@trane.com. Would just love some help! I live in prospect. Will keep reading your blog!

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